MEIE Capstone Project

Names of Rotational Axes of a Conventional Aircraft

Problem Statement

For our capstone project, we were approached by our capstone advisor to create a safe and user-friendly flight simulator chair. The chair must meet a number of requirements:

Existing Designs

DOF Reality H3
Boeing 787 Commercial Simulator

Prior Work and Phase 1

Final CAD Model Created by Phase 1

Phase 1 Design

As a phase 2 project, this exact project had been approached by another team of engineers in a prior year. Before we were able to begin in phase 2, we must assess the final prototype from phase 1 to determine its capabilities and limitations before we could begin to tackle the problem. From our investigation, we arrived at a series of conclusions about the design from phase 1.

Final Design

Final CAD Model Created by Phase 2

Final Phase 2 Design

Our final design takes a novel mechanical approach to motion simulation which allowed us to provide an extensive list of features:

Final Phase 2 Design Components

Our design is comprised of a series of key subsystems integral to the function of the flight simulator chair

Lightweight frame w/ chair, monitors & flight controls

Couples movement of gantry to gimbal movement

Constrains the chair to two angular degrees of freedom (DOF)

Supports the full weight of the chair frame, monitors, and rider

Sets a cartesian point for the U-joint

Exploded CAD Model
Detailed View of Pitch-Roll Gimbal