This project was completed while employed with Instaversal. All proprietary photos are used with explicit permission.


While working for Instaversal as an independent contractor, I began working on a customer product. This product was intended as a phone grip to be installed on the back of a smartphone.

I was given an initial model for the product, created by another engineer, and asked to solve several issues with the design.

T0 Production Sample



Original Design

Final Poduction Design


After completing the design process, the final design was submitted to our injection molding manufacturers for DFM on the final part. In our DFM, we worked to resolve issues with draft angle, ejection marks, sink marks, and parting edges.

Each of these elements were resolved to provide the best product for the end user. 


The product reached production in Summer 2023 and launched on Kickstarter. The Kickstarter was successfully funded.